The youthful, intellect can easily be corruptioned by the evils surrounding it. A weak mind is subject to the wrong doings of the twisted ways of accepted socity. Can a once strong christian girl accept life's struggles, or will she give in and become what the world expects her to be?

But people will talk. She has learned to build a shield that holds out the evil, but it also prevents her from the wonderful enjoyments of life, she is constantly surrounded by sinful forces. Her surroundings slowly break down the shield and the evil begins to leak in. People are talking, how can this once innocent young child perform the evils of socity?

She has found an escape to calm the pressure that is slightly evil but in her mind it is almost acceptable; People, family, friends.....some do not approve of the doors she takes-some join in experiencing the same troubles as she. People are talking about all of them. the girl and her friends accept the gossiping voices and froce them outside of their lives, closeing their ears. The gossip has pressed them passed the point of ever returning to their grade school age of innocents.

She is learning to ove her evil life, forgetting her old values which once would have caused her to look down on people doing the same as her. The girl hears a cry from the depths of her heart asking if he is ever remembered? She feels the pain for a moment and immediatily begins to shade it with her dark clouds of smoke that begins to unravel the pain from her torn soul, if just for a moment "Later" she tells the man in the middle of her heart, "I'll remember you later."

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