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Welcome to Spubba's 'The Mad' Voltron Fan fiction Page. Here you find some of the most wonderful yaoi stories that grace the net. Some might be angst but still beautifully writen. Spubba is the reason( yes I blame him. But I don't mind.) I have reccently became active in this 'old' series, as for the paring of Hunk and Pidge. And for those wondering about Shota? You must not have read the main voltron page. so for those of you that didn't here is Spubba's point of view on Shota this time I suggestion you read it. So with that taking care of scroll down and enjoy Spubba's stories...

Type:A Saga
Warning Yaoi
Spubba's homepage
I have decided to link his Heroes main page cause you have to see the beautiful art. Anyways this is a fan fiction about just how Hunk and Pidge got togther? And the story of troubles that the relationship causes.

Lance's Lesson
Warning Yaoi
The team is relaxing and playing some games. So would could go wrong with a simple game like True or Dare? nothing you would think? Well what if Pidge asked Lance that all important question? Now Keith aims to fix the problem

The Morning After
Warning Death, Limey
Keith and the rest of the team is dead but their killer might be having some regrets on the morning after. And a prince thinks back on his actions.

Warning PWP, Bondage, some non-consensual, etc
Every trainer of beasts or men knows that there are three forms of restraint. Now I wonder this could mean?

The Stupidest Crossover Fic Ever Written
A Voltron/Asheron's Call crossover. I am not saying nothing on this one, just reed it.

Warning Rape, Yaoi
Hunk is captured by Lotor but Hunk ain't as dumb as people think. He is able to detect something about Lotor and plans to use it against the evil prince.

Warning Yaoi, Death
I really can't find the words for this one, it's just so damn sad!!!
Well please just reed it and see what I mean.

By: Spubba and Taryn
Warning Yaoi
Pidge and Hunk have had their up's and down's with their relationship. But now they must find something they BOTH want, something so special it's can only be Perfect!
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
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Chapter 12
Chapter 13

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