The Policy For
Kirei Tenshi

Hello and Welcome to The Policy Page for Kirei Tenshi. This is something that I never would have dreamed I would have to make. But people never seem to stop surprising me any more. But after the hasle I have gotten from some people, I felt as if this was a must kind of thing..

is as followed.

I as the hostess have all rights to do with what I will with my site. I maintian this site and do so for PURE enjoyment. Text and Images were maded simply out of cutness, and quick thinking.

Kirei Tenshi is and always will be a OPENED MINDED site. I have added comments, warnings to the proper Fan Fictions, so REED the comments and warning BEFORE deciding on a Fan Fiction.

As hostess of Kirei Tenshi I must point out (ONCE AGAIN) that this site is both YAOI and YURI friendly. And is not favorited to ANY PARING what so ever! There are Non-Yaoi, and Non-Yuri Fan Fiction in Kirei Tenshi. But as hostess (and a writer) I do have favorite paring on dfferent series, BUT I do not let that decide the type of fiction I would like to host or the way I run Kirei Tenshi.

Lastly, If I have something on Kirei Tenshi that rubbs you the wrong way, simply email and we can talk about it like adults, but please do NOT demand me remove any thing on my site. If you are one of my writers again simply contact me and we will work as a team will solve it. I am usually a silent type person, but when some one demands me to remove a creation of mine ( or one of my authors ) I am someone to be dealt with.

Now with all that said and done, please feel free to contact me about any quetions, or even flames about this policy or Kirei Tenshi. Should I find out you have flamed one of my author's for any reason at all, then be perpared to pay the piper.