Moon Watcher

I sit here under the moon
Longing to be near you.
I wish with all my might that
Some day we can watch your moon together?

I long to ride your glowing moonbeams,
Accepting what ever love your willing to give?
I desire nothing more than a chance to be by your side,
By your side in everything you do.

Your lighted moon casts a beautiful spell a upon me.
A magic I can never master.
Your spell holds me tight, glowing around me.
I can only watch on in this spellbound state.

Wishing that you could see,
Or at least acknowledge your hold on me.
Maybe even admit that you feel the same?
That maybe we are one?

My star burns with the passion I feel,
The desire I with to bestow to you.
I need you to realize that you are not alone.
So there should not be a reason not to accept.

And yet my request gos unanswered.
My yearning is denied.
My love unreturned.

But still I continue on,

Watching over you,
Loving you,
Wanting you,
Needing you.

And yet I can settle on only watching you.