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Welcome to Dragonmmho's Vision of EscaFlowne fan fiction page. Here is a wonderful a writer, she slowly gives you a picture of her story. Dragonmmho is kind enough to let me host her work in Heart's Desire, but if you are looking her page just click here to view her site. It has a very beautiful front page. But enough of my ramble's go and take a peek at Dragonmmho's work...

The Prophecy:
Vision EscaFlowne Fan Fiction
On Gaea it's been six years since the Great War, but for Hitomi much more time has passed. Now Hitomi is dead and makes one final plea, through the only she has leave.The Plea? To the only person that can save her missing son.
Strang Acquaintances
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Introspection Merle
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The Fallen One