To Die For…..

BY: Angel
Warning: Yaoi
Series: Voltron
Paring: Pidge and Keith
Part: Purludge
Email: Angel
Homepage:Kirei Tenshi
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Disclaimer: WEP I believe owns volton.


Have you ever wanted something so badly that you knew you would die if you did not gain the object of your affection? How many time must your heart whisper…..

“ To Die For…..’

The pounding might not be the same if you thought any other way to express the want that you felt for that object. For any or words would not cause the same effect. Nor would you desire any other effect. For after the first time you realize that object causes those words nothing else would make you wish death. Only that object, that untouchable object could make you want a fast and swift death. Only within that object do you really come alive. For that object is simply

To Die For.


That’s how I feel about our Captain. It took me awhile to find those words but those are the words that best describe my feelings for Keith. I don’t know any other words that might do my feelings for him justice? I simply can’t think of any other in depth, loving, passion filled words for my koishii.

I am not sure when I started to love Keith in this new way? Or why I started to? I believed myself to only respect him, and love him but in a different light than I do now. Before I loved him as my captain, teammate, and friend. But I then it changed. I changed. I guess you could say my feelings changed as I grew.

I am no longer the younger, innocents boy I once was. I no longer pretend to be. I notice how I ‘catch’ the girls eyes. I even have noticed how I also caught some of the guys eyes as well. But I never payed much attention to any of them. Male or Female alike. I didn’t want their affection back then. The team was my love then, but now Keith is my reason for living, my reason for loving. Keith is my everything. But sadly there is a problem.

Keith doesn’t know of my new feelings for him. Nor does he know I know about him and Lance. It hurts to know that my love finds pleasure within someone else arms. I know the other team think of me as the little boy I once was, and stupid to relationships like Keith and Lance’s. But sometimes when I can’t sleep and I walk the hallway pass their room I can heard their moans. Blushing I simply rush into the Hunk’s room and curl up into a chair and listen to Hunk snore the night away. Shedding water diamonds for the night to see.

I try to hide my discomfort to the team. And in doing so I have noticed something that confuses me. HUNK. My best friend Hunk. He has changed as well. I have noticed that our friendship has became more crazyed as of late. Hunk has started to look at me in a different light, which light I am unsure has of right now. But I no longer feel as if he is the Hunk that I grew up with? I sometimes think Hunk is lonely as I am but that don’t explain the look I get some times. I often think it is the same look I find my self giving Keith. But I know I can not be Hunk’s object

To Die For