Rapunzel and His Tower

It had been a long day of battling the forces of evil and a couple finally returned to their home. They were tired and the wife was heavy with her pregnancy. As they pasted through the woods they saw a large castle off to the left. The wife saw a lovely orchard of Passion Fruit growing on the property. Now the husband was a good man and had always followed the right path, but seeing those lush fruit even made him hungry enough to steal a few.

  His wife begged him for the food, saying both she and their child needed it. With reluctance the husband snuck over and took a few of the ripe juicy fruit and ran back to his wife. They both ate the Passion Fruit, savoring the delicious flavor. However his wife was still hungry so he was forced to go back again to retrieve the fruit. After three trips her hunger was satisfied.         

Having eaten their fill, the couple were about to set off when a giant floating head appeared. "SO!!! Eat my fruit will ya?? I'll teach you to steal from my orchard!!!!"        

 Despite the fact that the husband didn't think a floating head could eat Passion Fruit he was still scared. He begged the floating head for their lives, saying he only did it to feed his wife and unborn child. When the GFH heard this he smiled....well as best he could. "Very well then peasant!!! In a three months time, when your child is born, I will come for him and take what my fruit has spawned!!! Remember my words and expect me in three months!!"   Then the GFH was gone. The husband and wife were horrified that their child would be stolen from them so soon after birth. To try and escape this they went far far away. Hiding themselves in order to save their child.         

Three months passed and their son was born. The boy had soft fine red hair and blue eyes. He had a winning smile that even his mother could see. But three months to the day, the GFH appeared. "I am here for my child!! Or should I say, my new Warlord!! BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!" With that, the GFH and the baby disappeared, leaving a crying mother only to blame the cursed fruit.


 Years passed, the couple had other children, forgot about their first one and moved on. Their first child was taken to the castle and raised to be mean and harsh to everyone beneath him. A fast learner, he took most especially to causing fear and pain into the weak. He was the GFH's pride and joy of all his Warlords.        

 They other Warlords didn't care for him and named him Anubis, or as they liked to call him "A new bitch." Anubis took well to being a Warlord but he always seemed to lack something, something he didn't get from killed, destroying, and causing misery and dispar to the commoners. To set himself apart from the other warlords he grew his lovely hair out, down to the middle of his back. He also made his room in the top of the tower near the gates of the castle.

        But he was still feeling a void in his life. Night after night....well just when he wasn't busy since it was always night time in the dynasty he would look out his window and watch those down on earth. Recently a group called the Ronin Warriors had started making trouble. He would have to make them realize who their new ruler was. If they didn't like it, he would kill them.


 Now that they had defeated the soldiers, Rowen and Ryo rode off towards the castle to find and kill Talpa. They both decided to split up and look for an easy way in. Rowen walked around the gates, determined to find a way in. As he walked around, he looked up into the window of a high tower. There he saw someone brushing long red hair with their bare back to the window. From his view, it looked like a woman. He dashed over to the tower and started to climb, thinking to himself that he had to rescue this woman before she was corrupted by the dynasty. As he climbed he could smell the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, it had to be a woman!!!         

With a final jump he hopped into the window. "I am here to save...ya..huh?!" Rowen stood wide-eyed at the beautiful Anubis. Anubis jumped up and grabbed his weapon, threatening to kill the boastful Ronin. Rowen held up his hands, "Hold it man, hold up a sec. I didn't mean ta invade ya privacy....but I thought....you were a woman. From the ground ya look like a hot redhead." Anubis blushed at the complement, no one had told him he was hot before. Rowen flashed Anubis that winning smile, making the older man's knees weak. He smiled back and put his weapons down.         

Rowen took his own armor off and his sub armor in a sign of peace. Anubis couldn't help but notice how handsome Rowen was, especially that cute bang that always feel between his eyes. Soon Rowen was hitting Anubis up for a date, but Anubis reminded him that they were enemies. The blue haired cutie just smiled and leaned over, pressing his hot lips to Red's sweet pink ones. Anubis moaned, loving the taste of Strata. Their bodies seemed to melt with each other as they feel onto the bed. Rowen quickly had the warlord stripped and began to explore him. All Anubis could do was try and keep his moans quiet, or his lover would be killed by the other warlords.        

 The blue haired boy took great delight in seeing what would make the warlord moan, what would make him sigh, and what nearly made him scream. As he explored, he would occasionally brush against his hard cock, making Anubis grip the sheets as a wave of pleasure swept over him. After much begging Rowen swallowed Anubis's tasty love log, forcing Anubis to bite his lip to blood to keep himself quiet. The archer's skilled tongue caused sensations in Anubis's body that finally filled that void he had been missing. With a crash he came, Rowen swallowed every bit of the hot fluid. Anubis smiled at his lover and cuddled. That night..err...what ever, the barer of Strata showed the Warlord of Cruelty how to make love and give love.         

As with all good things, their happiness was brief. Rowen had to leave to find Ryo and go back to the human realm. Anubis almost cried as he watched his new lover climb down and ride off. He waved as Rowen promised to come back tomorrow, bring a smile to the lovely red-head's face.   But Anubis wasn't the only one watching Rowen leave, the GFH, Talpa was watching as well. "So, my young warlord thinks he can screw with the enemy eh? Well I'll show him who's the big man!!"


        The next day, Rowen returned as promised. But when he rode up, the tower had been destroyed, Anubis's cloak hanging from it with the sign of arrows painted across the sash. Strata was heartbroken, the loveliest creature he had ever met was gone. He wandered through the castle, destroying all he could find in grief. Finally he entered an orchard, filled with Passion Fruit trees. He sat under one and cried his blue eyes red, remembering the sweet moments he had shared with his love. It was then he heard screaming, it was coming from a well in the orchard. Rowen ran to the well, peering inside, but it was to dark to see. The cries he knew to be his loves and he jumped down, falling until he came to a great cavern.

        (For those of you who saw where he was being held, imagine that place, I can't describe it.) Anubis cried out for his lover, who valiantly jumped from bubble to bubble, reaching out to save his love. But Talpa appeared, tossing Rowen aside and began to slowly kill Anubis. Rowen screamed, his armor lighting up and blinding Talpa long enough for him to fly over and pull Anubis to safety. The two ran out of the castle and back to the earth realm. Many years later......

        "Rowen, will you hurry up! We are going to be late!!" The former warlord of cruelty called from the car. Rowen ran out in his usual clubbing garb. After the Ronin's had defeated Talpa, Rowen and Anubis had moved out into the country. Anubis had found his parents descendants and was accepted back into the family. Now, he and Rowen lived a happy life in the mountains, together....HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!