My Friend

My Friend
By: Lady Kit

I have a friend, and
she is really a lovely site to behold.
With long copper hair and dark green eyes.
Yes indeed a beautiful site to behold.

But somewhere my friend has lost herself in something we call the "real" world.
Her innocents lost, and her dreams unfinished.
She always questions herself,
wondering if she has pleased any one?

Where it is she whom she should be pleaseing.
But this is the way she is.
Her dark green eyes always holding back her unshed tears.
Every time I see her, she clears her eyes so only green sunshine is seen. But I know......

I know that there is a pain, that is deep within her soul.
A pain that she can't control.
I wonder what her quite time is like?
I wonder if she wears her mask even then?
She trys so hard to please others.
When she herself is so unhappy.
And I wonder once more,
if I had failed her as a friend?

Sometimes I notice a small rack of sobs, but yet I never question it.
Knowing that if she wanted to talk about it, she knows where to find me.
Yet I wonder even more of all the times people had said those same words to her,
and then when she had gotten the nerve to go and seek them out,
I wonder if they were truly even there?

So I know I am saying this a bit late?
But I just wanted to say forgive me, my dear friend.
I know that I have wronged you,
but please allow me to stand by your side once more.
Let me stand by you once more so you can cry your tears on my shoulder.............

To my dearest friend Angel-chan,
Lady Kit