Heero's Mission

Heero's Mission
By: Angel
Warning: Yaoi
Paring: 1/2,1/3,1/4,1/5

Heero was thankful for the long, peacefully moments. Especially after a hard, and long mission against OZ. Thankfully that the peace was lasting this long. Usually they were far and in between one another. But none of the others knew just how much Heero, himself, valued these moments.

Time passed as he sat there listening to the world around him. The crickets singing, the rain starting to fall quietly. Moments like this were so odd, yet comforting for the so called "perfect soldier." Slowly a sign of a slight smile might even grace his face in all of this wonder. But within a second the peace would be broken. The last thoughts of peace now gone, the "perfect soldier" return to duty.

Sighing Heero returned to the typing of his report. Trying to block out the noise around him as he fought to type the report on their latest mission. Dr. J was expecting this report by dawn, no questions asked. Yet the rants, and yelling from behind slowly eased their way into Heero's now forced mind. Suddenly part of the yelling conversation broken into his now open mind.

"DUO you know that............"

Heero closed his eyes, bringing one hand to his head. He could feel a headache coming on. The simple thought of Wufei and Duo fighting maded his head thump in one big, sharp pain. yet the more he thought about the pain the worst it got. Never pausing in typing, not even once, Heero reached for the glass of water to his left. Sipping the water slowly, not wanting to rush the coldness of the liquid.

The yelling, shouting, and all the rest seemed to vanish for awhile. Heero payed no attention to any of it. Yet he knew what would come next, it was the same thing everytime. And as the thought finished the torture started.

"Hey Hee-chan what'ya doing?"

Heero bit down on his lower lip and waited for the baka to leave. Surely this was no different then the other times? Surely he would get bore without no one to talk with, surely? Yet something did feel different, so out of.......place? For the first time Heero Yuy notice the "baka" beside him. Not just plainly notice him, but really noticed him. Notice the way he softly played with his long, chestnut hair. noticed the way he kind-of sat a little bit close, closer than was needed really. But yet what Heero Yuy really noticed was the way the "baka" smelled. For the first time he noticed that Duo Maxwell smelled like sage leather, and maybe the scent of the open sea could be detected???

Without another moment to think, or confirmed these new findings the yelling returned.Yet without hearing the first part of the conversation, Heero was left with the ending.....

"Maxwell come over here right this instant."

The reply was as quick,

"Fuck off."

A pause then a snarl, followed bye

"What was that?"

Another quick reply.

"I said Fuck YOU."

Suddenly peace claim the air once again, it seemed that no one wanted to answer that statement. But as the two boys glazed back at one another, and the other two boys looking on in awe. none seemed to notice that the constant clicking that had been going on for most of the evening was suddenly gone.

None knew what to say to the other, stunned at one another. Expect for one, Heero Yuy. With his mind racing a mile a minute, and his eyes straight forward, Heero Yuy aknowledged the mission. And answered back.


~~Mission Accepted~~

Copy Rights belong to Angel