Author: Leigh Rose

Chapter 3

GET OFF HER!!!” Allen and Hitomi shouted.

“What?” Dryden looked up to see two furious figures. One of them Allen Schzhar, the Knight of Astoria. The other was an unfamiliar brown hair girl. They of them gave him looks that could kill. Before he moved he felt a suddenly burst of pain. He touched his jaw. The brown hair girl just slugged him!!!

“Why did you do that? Do you know who I am?” Dryden growled.

“I don’t care” the brown hair girl said, “ but if you touch Millerna like that again I’ll kill you”

“Hitomi!” Millerna tried to calm her down. It seemed to work. Hitomi lost the murderous looks in her eyes. In fact, she looked embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry…I-I don’t know what got over me” the girl smile apologetic. Dryden nodded. He rubbed his bruised jaw.

“You have a very good punch” Hitomi blushed brightly.

“What are you doing here, Dryden?” Allen said in a cold tone. The knight moved closer to the princess. Dryden noted that a dark hair boy moved protectively to the girl, Hitomi’s side.

“I’m here for the wedding”

“What wedding?” Hitomi asked, her heart dropping.

“Millerna and Mine”