Author: Leigh Rose

Chapter 2

Millerna tried not to burst out into happy laughter. She smiled inwardly at the night she had shared with Hitomi. They had spent the entire night talking or kissing under the stars. They had made it back before Dawn and after more kisses, went to their separated rooms. Millerna had taken extra care with her with appearance. She made sure that every hair was in place and had chosen her best dress. One that, everyone had complimented, as matching her eyes. As she walked to the breakfast hall, she felt all the admiring glances thrown at her, but all she wanted was only one person to notice her. Millerna sat down and waited. Every second without seeing Hitomi was like a year to her. Finally, she heard a familiar laugh. Millerna look up as Hitomi walked in with Van. A flash of jealously wormed it way inside of her. She watched the King of Fanelia with narrow eyes. Millerna could see that Van was in love with Hitomi, everyone could see that. It irks her how much time he seems to be spending with her mystic moon girl. Of course, no one knew that Hitomi was hers. It wasn’t very proper for a princess to be in love with another girl. For once in her life, Millerna wished that she wasn’t a princess. Maybe then, she could be with Hitomi openly. Millerna gave another death glare at Van. Who seemed oblivious to it.

Hitomi smiled at the jealously she saw on Millerna face as she enter with Van. She gave the Princess a reassuring smile, promising her that nothing was going on. Her heart miss a beat, as Millerna, getting the message, smiled back. Hitomi loved that smile; those bright blue eyes, those soft warm lips. Hitomi founded herself lost in thoughts. She had never really considered the fact that she could be gay. She grew up pretty normal, going out on dates with guys, having crushes. But to tell the truth, none of the guys did anything for her. They didn’t make her heart patter and skip. Then, she landed in another world and met Millerna. From the moment, Hitomi saw her; she could help think that Millerna was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. The fifteen-year-old princess had a tall, graceful figure, hair that was made the sun hid in shame, and the clearest blue eyes that Hitomi was willing to drown in for all of eternity. At first, she ignored how her hart raced or how she was drawl to the Princess. She wanted to be like everyone else. After a few days spent with the Princess, however, Hitomi could truthfully said that she was gay and in love. She would watch the corner of her eyes as Millerna flirted with Allen. Each word and gesture was like a knife to her heart. Then it happen, they were alone for once. Hitomi watched as the Princess stares out at the window. A gust of wind gently blew Millerna’s hair back. Hitomi gasp at the angelica sight. Finally, Hitomi couldn’t stand it. She marched to the window and pulled the startled Princess into a heated, searing kiss. Hitomi was pleasantly surprised as Millerna responded just as deeply. The broke apart breathlessly. Millerna had on the sweetest, brightest smile on her face.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that?” Hitomi only responded was to pull the blonde in another kiss. Hitomi smiled at that memory.

She made sure she sat across from Millerna and next to Van and Merle. Millerna almost giggle as they played footsie under the table. A messenger came in.

“*Ahem* Lord Dryden has arrived.” Hitomi notice how pale Millerna had gotten and how red Allen face was. She was about to ask who this Dryden was when a tall, rugged handsome man walked in. Without a word, he walked to Millerna and gave her a heated Kiss!!!