*Authors note* To tell you the truth, Iím not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this. *Shaking head* I just thought that it would be hilarious to put Millerna and Hitomi together. Maybe Iíll write another chapter to this. Hehehehe. I bet most of you thought it was Van, huh?

Author:Leigh Rose

Chapter 1

Millerna tried to quiet her footsteps as she walked down the hall. She drew the cloak hood over her head hiding her long gold hair. Her eyes shine eagerly. Her mind wondered to the secret meeting that she was having right now. It was almost midnight. Her mind wondered to the one person she was in love with but their love was forbidden. Millerna didnít care in the slightest. She knew gender or age didnít matter when it came to love. Millerna snuck out of the castle and walk up to their secret place, a small little hill overlooking Astoria. She licked her lips in anticipation. She could almost feel those soft warm lips on hers, or feel her fingers running those dark tresses. She walked faster. Her stepped almost faltered when she came on the hill. A lone tall figure stood there. Darks eyes that seems to scanning for someone, for Millerna. Millerna walked up, letting the hood fall. The figure gasped. Millerna inwardly smiled. She knew the moonlight had done its job. Her blond hair was glowing making her look like a fallen angel while making her skin paler then she normally was. The figure step forward and lifted a hand to touch Millerna face. Millerna moan when she felt the electric charged go through her. She whispered out the name of the only person she knew she was love for the rest of her life.