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Halo everyone and welcome to Akshi's Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction Page! Akshi is currently on a mailing lists that I am on and when she posted this on the lists it lashed out at me. Hai, lashed, remember my Gundam Wing Fic, A Peacecraft's Love? No? Oh well, that fiction is like Akshi's Twins story. I was so glad when I read it and over joyed when she said I could host it. But I will say this once cause I know some ONE will voice their opinion.

The Twins story has INCEST, and YAOI. This was your first warning.....If that don't bother you then scroll down and enjoy this WELL done fiction.

Warning NC-17, YAOI, AND INCEST.
Part 1
Part 2
This story is an intake on Amiboshi and Suboshi relationship.
An opinion on just how close is the twins, and how they grow.